The Designer

Equipped with a keen eye for design, a passion for actualizing an image into a mesmerising outfit with a sharp silhouette yet flowing grace, Sadaf Amir has been a part of the couture industry for well over a decade. Based out of Washington DC, she's been a part of the Pakistani Fashion Industry for a long time, catering to a selected niche clientele that prioritizes innovation and thoroughly appreciate her unique statement pieces, in both pret and haute couture. Showcasing her bridal collection for the first time in Pakistan, Ms. Amir has poured her heart and soul into each of these creations.

Lagan - a celebration of timeless beauty, an ode to eras bygone, an amalgamation of the old and the new, the traditional and the chic. Each piece a unique gem, their overwhelming grandeur balanced perfectly with understated elegance. Lagan celebrates the modern bride who is still deeply tied to her ethnic roots. An infusion of elements to create a vision of sublime poise, beauty and serenity. A whirlwind of colours playing the perfect backdrop for the aureate emellishments, bewitching silhouettes adorned with spell-binding embroideries over a cascade of the most plushiest of fabrics. Lagan - the ethereal bride.